New to North Shore Comedy

   We are the FIRST Comedy agency in New England to offer this
service. We have purchased state of the art Bose sound systems that is
so clear and crisp that you will here every word the act speaks.

 This audio system is like no other. It is very compact yet puts out a level
of sound that everyone can hear. Usually the people close to the stage
get blasted while people in the rear can’t quite hear to well. This new
technology allows the audience to hear the show in “ surround soundâ
€� much like a home theatre.

   This system is so powerful that it works great in theatres or venues
from 100 seats to 2000 seats. It eliminates sound guys and tons of
speakers, wires & gear. It can be used by our clients, and comics alike. It
also has the ability to allow music to be played through it for back round
music and even dancing to follow the comedy show.

   This service will eliminate the need to have sound for Comics as well as
a costly DJ. We can offer our clients:

                 Great Sound – For speaker/announcements
                 Great Sound – For Comics
                 Great Sound – For Background music & even dancing

     We can include this service for an additional fee if you want it. Once
you here the difference you will want it every time. For more info on the
system go to:


        "Surround Sound Effect"                  Top View of the Sound

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The BOSE Radial Tower System
"Surround Sound Comedy Shows"