Comedy Night @ Your Venue
With over 200 accounts all over the Northeast, we are able to get
you the best acts for your venue
. If you have an off night and would like
to build it up with something fun, Comedy may be just what you need. Many
of our accounts have been with us over 25 years. The reason is that due
to the volume of acts & accounts we have, we are able to work within a
budget that works for both the comics as well as the venue.

NSC will give you all the promo & support you need to get started.
All you need to to do is place the ads we give you and put up the in house
promo we give you such as Posters, Poster Board and Table tents. We will
walk you through the whole thing from start to finish. With nearly 30 years
of experience, we know what works & what doesn't. Comments and advise
from our clients past & present have allowed us to correct as well as
upgrade our promotional / marketing material.

Many places try comedy once a month and then if things go well they
do it every week, if the crowds are there. Every week seems like a lot but it
is less costly to promote " Comedy Every Week " rather than try to say "
Comedy on the 3rd Fri ". Also as you know buying ads for one show a
month can cost a lot more than if you buy a contract rate from the paper
for 8 weeks in a row or more.

Setting up your comedy room: We will come to your venue and evaluate
your space to see exactly what you need as far as sound, lighting and
stage. In many cases our clients already have what it takes to have a
successful comedy club, all they need is a little guidance.

How many comics on the show: Many shows feature 3 acts, Opener
15-20 min, Middle 25-30 min & Headliner 40-50 min = a total 90 min show.
Some of our clients just want a small dose of comedy and opt for 2 comics
for 1 hour or so.

What is the cost of a comedy show: The cost of the show depends on
the following factors, night of week, number of acts, level of acts, how long
of a show needed. Also factor in a hotel if your venue is "out there". Many
hotels will trade rooms for tickets so they are free. We will let you know if
the acts need a room prior to the show. Contact us and we will quote you a
price once we know your needs.

All we ask from our clients is to give comedy a try. We don't ask for
long commitments. All we ask is that you allow us 30 days notice if you
need to cancel Comedy. We want you to be happy and to build your
customer base. Comedy Night will bring in the 25-45 year old age group
that your venue needs. You can make money off the cover charge as well
as drinks & Food!

          Please call us and set up an a meeting with
Rob Steen and he will
explain more about how comedy may be right for you. Many people think
that comedy needs to be dirty, NOT so. NSC has been a leader in booking
the best comedy shows for the past 25 years and will not book a dirty show
unless the client wants the shows dirty. We have over 300 acts that we
represent and every show will be different. We do like to rotate and bring
some act in more often to create a draw for those acts. We like a 6-10
week rotation.

Thank You,
Rob Steen NSC 800-923-0879
North Shore Comedy Productions is
                  New England's Largest Comedy Club Network!