RENT A COMIC LLC  has teamed up with several other agents who supply DJ's  &
Bands. Together we are able to offer more quality entertainment to our clients. We can offer a
whole night of entertainment.

Club / Events: Your event can have Comedy from 8pm-10pm & Dancing from 10pm - 1am.
This is a great way to keep your customers there for the whole night, rather than just for the
3hrs of Comedy.

Fundraisers:        6:00pm Cocktails  
                       6:30pm Silent Auction
                       7:30pm Dinner
                       9:00pm Comedy Show
                       9:45pm Intermission & Last call for Auction
                     10:00pm Headliner Comic
                     10:30pm Winners of the auction are called
                     10:40pm- 1am Dancing to DJ or Band

Your charity makes money from: Tickets, Auction & Donations!

  These events are run very smoothly and everyone has a great time. We hope that this gives
you a rough idea of how your event can be run. There are several options to choose from,
these are just some examples of what others do.

Thank You,

Rob Steen NSC

                                 New England's Largest Comedy Club Network!

DJ & Band Comedy Package