Event Planners
 RENT A COMIC LLC- will help you find the right act to suit your clients needs. Once we
meet with you and find out what type of an event you are working on, we will know who to
book. Below are some questions we will need answered to better assist us in our search:

                   *** What is the Event?
                   *** What is the age group?
                   *** Have they had comedy before?
                   *** Do they want the show personalized?
                   *** How
"CLEAN" do they want the show?
                   *** Will they need Sound & Lights for the show?
                   *** What is the loction of the Event?
                   *** What time is the show?
                   *** How long of a show is needed?
                   *** What is the budget for the show?

    Once we know the above questions we will be able to find you an act within your
guidelines. We have a large number of comics who are able to to adjust to many situations.
Some of our acts are even able to act as Comedy  
" Imposters" and fool your guests.

Thank You,

Rob Steen - NSC

                                  RENT A COMIC LLC is
                                   New England's Largest Comedy Club Network!