Michael infuses explosive high energy to drive his rapid fire style of delivery with a native Korean accent, which
has made him one of the most popular headliners in the business today. After a few funny words, Michael scans
the audience, processes everything from what he has seen & heard, & improvises from the top of his head, & you
will hear the most craziest things come out of a mouth of a son of a Korean immigrant followed by audiences
exploding with laughter. Some would say he is a fast talking, hip, "Korean Robin Williams" that will make you laugh
from your "guts". Women have been seen with hands over their mouths & men with hands over their stomachs.
Unlike most comedians, Michael doesn't believe in pacing himself & taking it easy. Like a "crazed" Korean on a
hunt, he looks out into the audience for his next victim. That's only half of his act. Then later he'll share with you
his experiences living in NY & America. If you're looking for the conventional observational comedian with witty
things to say about everyday things, then go to another show! If there was one comedy show to see, then, this is
the one. This is Michael's only appearance in NH. If you miss it, you'll have to wait until next year! Audiences in
Japan to Atlantic City to Las Vegas are still waiting for Michael's return engagement.
       Michael Young Cho,