What are dueling pianos?

It has been said that a dueling piano show is quite literally "the most fun one can
have with one's clothes On!"I have to agree! It is a massive "to the top of your
lungs" sing along with all your friends while drinking to excess! Two grand
pianos  are center-stage with a team of outrageously talented pianists that
seem to know every song ever written.

Each show is different because it's all request and you  or your friends might
even get called up on stage for a bit of good humored fun and some
unforgettable u-tube moments.Think YOU won't sing along...Just TRY not too....
I dare ya! - Bill Connors

Dueling piano shows are request oriented, interactive sing-a-long shows
wherein two piano players sit across from each other and trade songs.
The dueling piano audience is used for the dueling aspect of the show.
Audience members are pitted one-side-against-the-other. Examples of rivalries
include country vs. rock, men against women, etc. Dueling piano shows are
typically 60 to 120 minutes in duration - maximizing the players' energy and
audience interaction.

This dueling piano interactive concept has grown rapidly the past few years and
shows no sign of letting-up. Why? One very simple reason:
people love to
interact and have fun.

The show's focal point is a pair of pianos on stage
. The piano players act
as "ring masters". Known as the Entertainment Directors, they're responsible for
maintaining enthusiasm and maximizing laughs. Hand-picked from only the finest
regional talent, they're experts on keeping audience members involved, happy
and content.

Dueling piano shows often take unexpected turns. Tangents may include
involving wait staff members, changing song lyrics or roasting popular audience

And who typically enjoys dueling pianos? There are no boundaries.
Dueling pianos appeal to all ages, creeds and colors. Dueling piano shows are
the perfect entertainment for events ranging from birthdays to wedding
receptions, anniversaries, conventions and bachelor (or bachelorette) parties.

Everyone is drawn together by the camaraderie and nostalgia to form
one large, synergistic party
- swaying to the music and bellowing-out familiar
lyrics. This concept bases itself on the simple fact that everyone wants to have
a good time. The Dueling Piano "experience" is not only incredible fun, but also
very unique. Guests aren't just entertained by the piano players - they become
part of the show!

You can help ensure your dueling piano event is a big success!
Our dueling piano entertainers are the best in the best in the business. They
excel in off-the-cuff entertainment packed with laughter and spontaneity. Once
the pianos are warmed-up and the lights turned-down you'll find we're relaxed
and in control. But there are some things you can do before the big event to
help ensure you maximize the impact of your event.

Following are tips to help you incorporate a music theme into the design of your
event. We've seen it all - some of our clients go all-out to create a fun, musical
ambience. Others choose to play it by ear and let us handle things once we
arrive at your dueling piano event. In either case, we hope you'll take a moment
to review the following dueling piano theme tips and possible dueling piano
seating arrangement charts.

Let us know about your audience, your event, and (if corporate) your
Our dueling piano pros will most likely ask you questions beforehand about you
and/or your company. There are several things that will help the entertainersâ
€™ ensure you will experience the best shows you’ve ever experienced: We
use puns and one-liners throughout the dueling piano show - even
incorporating them into the lyrics of our songs. Consider writing down some
names of the biggest "hams" at your event. We'll do our best to incorporate
them in the show. [We love to "roast" people]

Pay close attention to the layout of the dueling piano room.
It is paramount that nothing separates the dueling piano entertainers from the
guests. Believe it or not, in a room of less than 100 people, this includes a
stage! We like to be as close as possible to you since our show directly involves
you. Food, a dance floor, being in a corner or at the end of a long room all
make it difficult to reach you, the audience.

Below is a seating arrangement which helps ensure the best audience
participation possible:

Timing is everything.
We seem to have the attention of everyone after dessert. This doesn’t
mean that the order of the night can’t be any other way, but consider some
of the following factors. Usually in the case of a corporate party, the show is for
the employees who are there to have fun. If this is the case, we have trouble
keeping people in their seats if they get restless after a long presentation or
award ceremony. Having us play during dinner is a huge no-no. It’s close to
impossible to get people to sing-a-long if their mouths are full! There are other
factors as well and the order of events should be discussed with the agent or
entertainer beforehand.

How far should we go?
We typically keep the show PG-13. This means innuendos, puns, safe jokes
and language. If you think you want something different or maybe want us to
push the envelope a little, let us know.

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Often times Rob
opens the show with
30min of Comedy.
Rob is
interactive and gets
the crowd together.

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