Contract Rider for ___________
MAPS:   North Shore Comedy requests that a detailed map of the area of the location of
the engagement, and a map giving directions from the nearest major highway or interstate
to the area, both be returned with the contract or via email.

ROOMS:  North Shore Comedy requires one single non-smoking hotel room per comedian.

PA: North Shore Comedy requests that one microphone is provided with a PA system
adequate for the size of the facility. (
sound can be provided at an additional cost)

STAGE:   The stage should be a minimum of 10’ x 10'. If the stage is a portable one, it
must be set up prior to the scheduled arrival of the Comedian’s.

DRESSING ROOM: North Shore Comedy requests that a dressing room be provided with
a table, chairs, dry towels, a pitcher of water, sodas, cups and ice. Comedian’s
requests that a non-smoking room be provided.

MEALS: North Shore Comedy requests that one meal (sandwiches, fruits, vegetables,
etc.) be provided the day of the show.

SET-UP: The Comedian’s will need access to the location of the engagement one-half
hour prior to the scheduled start time to ensure complete set-up by start time.

TRANSPORTATION: If the Comedian’s are traveling by air, the presenter is
responsible for the artist's ground transportation.

PROMOTION: North Shore Comedy requests a copy of all printed and recorded
promotional materials developed and produced by the presenter for the promotion of the
engagement.  All copies to be sent to
North Shore Comedy Inc. within one week following
the date of the engagement.  The exceptions to this request are merchandise items such
as T-shirts, cups, hats, etc. that may have been used in the promotion of the event, though
samples of these items would be greatly appreciated by the Comics.

RECORDING: Video, Audio or Photographic recording of any kind of the Comedian’s
live performance is strictly prohibited without the prior written consent of Rob Steen and
North Shore Comedy Inc.

RELEASE CLAUSE: Artists will be granted a release from presenter's contracted date
with 15 days written or faxed notice for the purpose of furthering the Artist's career such as,
but not limited to, the following: TV, movie, concert tours, video taping, record promotion.

Signatures: Client__________________   Agent_________________

                      Please sign & return copy with the contract
       Please contact Rob Steen  North Shore Comedy Inc. if you have any   
questions about this rider.

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