Work For RAC
             Please email info on yourself
    Bio, Headshot, DVD & any other info about you
Phone: 800-923-0879 toll free (Mon-Thurs 12pm-5pm)
Please no calls Friday - Sunday (unless it is urgent)
     Print this page for your records!

 Cancelation Policy
      Office hours: Monday - Thursdays 12:00pm - 5:00pm
Comedians please call and confirm on Mondays between 12:00pm -5:00pm

Always get to the show 30 minutes before show start time
. If you are running late
you must call the club so they know when to expect you. When you are late it makes the
owner & other acts nervous not to mention it's unprofessional.(
you need to let us know if
you DOUBLE UP so we can expect you late!)

Social Media & Website: Please make sure you promote YOURSELF on all media
platforms as this will help you as well as us. Also clients do check to see if your promoting
your self too and they take notice. ( facebook, Instagram, Twitter ect)

Welcome to Rent A Comic LLC Productions/ Management.
The most important thing you can do as a comic is to update you avails with us at least
once a month so we know where you are (you never know when a last minute gig comes

Emergencies? Our main phone number is cell phone (978) 828-5939 so we can attend
to every call as it comes in (please make sure it's an emergency).

Photos & Bio: Please give us updated photos of yourself. We send out 2-3 to each of our
clients to use. We do not book comics who have no info in our files so please send in
photos promptly when asked.

Getting Paid: Important If you are being paid by RAC. You will be paid within two to four
weeks after the gig. Payment is sometimes different with each club and you will be told
prior to the show when you call to confirm your dates. (Always carry ample road cash with

Cancellation Policy: We hate this as much as you do but it happens. If you need to
cancel a gig please let us know as soon as possible so we can fill your spot, Two weeks
should be enough notice but we will go on a case by case basis. If the gig is canceled we
will make every effort to notify you prior to the show. If the show is canceled day or night of
gig it usually is standard for the club to pay ½ to all performers (we will do our best to see
that you get your money). The only way the client doesn't have to pay is if there is an
uncontrolled condition such as snow, fire, flood ect..

Working Competitors Room a Same Town: This is not a problem with us as we are
comics too and understand that we all need to make a living, however we do like to space
out your visit to the town so the patrons don't get sick of the same act. We do NOT like it
when comics work a venue that has been stolen from us or going direct to the venue
owner for a gig..

Bookings: We book from the avails you give to us. An on-line calendar is a great FREE
tool to have If we have something for you we will call you as soon as possible. We may call
ten or more comics so it is first come first serve. It has been my personal experience that
the comics the comics with up to date avails, press, media & website get booked more. It's
a must to have a website as they are cheap and makes promoting you easier.

Want More Work? If you know of any club or potential client who may want to do a
comedy show please call the office for more info. Please give them one of our cards or our
number and ALWAYS get their info as well, say you refereed them. We pay finders fee
and it is best
NOT to hand out your card since it is our account they saw you at.

Comics Who Owe Us $$:  If you pick up the check or commission please send it A.S.A.P   
If we don't get it in two weeks we will dock you $25.00 off your check. We try to pay on time
and if your late that makes us late to pay the other comics and I'm sure we all agree that
the sooner we get paid the better ( if you pay us on time we notice, and will think of those
comics first when it comes to giving out work).

Referring Comics: Please have them send a bio + Clip Link so we can view it along with
a note saying you referred them. Comics who we don't know can
NOT do guest spots in
our rooms without permission.

Please Tell Us: Please tell us of anything unusual happened at the show so we know. All
matters are strictly confidential. We can't fix a problem if we don't know it exists.  THANKS!
Thank you for working for us and helping us to become one of New England's largest and
most respected comedy agencies.

Rob Steen
1-800-923-0879 or