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      Poster Sample
         Promoting the show is importaint
Please place ads in the paper! Check out this sample of a 5" Ad.
Most papers will take photos off this site! Tell your ad rep to create
an ad like our sample. I like to have them go right to the site. This is
the easiest way to get the results you want.
Also, many sound &
video samples are here for use in radio
     We also give you a 18" x 22" lobby sign
This is a standard size sign for you to place in the lobby on an easle.
All the info is on the board! You can change the photos prior to each
show. This sign is basic and looks very sharp! See sample on the left.
       Spot lights are also very important
You can buy your own or we can get you one. If you do shows long
term you should invest in a light. Please call us and we will find one
either used or new and cheap. You don't have to spend a lot of
            Sound is the most important!
You need: Amp, Mic,Speakers & stand. The cost can be a lot,
however once we know your room size we can tell you how much
sound you will need. We can direct you the size and model you will
need. You sould get something that is easy to use. We try to supply
sound when possible, but most of our clients either have sound or
rent it.
 You want the comic to be in the light on stage
(frame them in the light) This will look sharp! The bighter the better.
Many comics use facial expressions and need to be seen. Also place
candles on the tables and seat people close to the stage area so it is
intamate. This will create a great comedy club mood. Please check
out our Floor plan.
 Media & Room set-up!
       1-800-923-0879 for any questions
It's very important to set up the Comedy Room so both the patrons &
performers are comfortable. Good sound, lighting & seating plan are
important in creating a great show that your guest will enjoy. Below
are a few samples of sound, lighting & basic floor plan that can help
guide you. We understand that all room sizes are not the same. This
page is only to offer you a rough idea.

  Please feel free to call
Rob Steen and ask any questions on
set-up of the room. He tries to be at the first few shows to work out
any bugs. Once you get a few shows going, you will be all set! North
Shore Comedy tries to set you up so your shows are as good as any
full time Comedy Club!
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